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Fan Girl loves ❤

MMPR REUNION  @lex_con YEAH!! ..too bad  Austin St. John, david yost, Johnny yong bosch, catherine sutherland and Jason david frank wasn’t there (I know JDF was there but is he hiding pr what?! wish I was wrong coz I really want AJ and JDF to reunite) anyways, I think my wish might not come true coz JDF has issues with Austin st john right? or they already patch thing up (i hope!)

cr:Steve Cardenas Fan page , Twitter: @_amyjojohnson and @karanashley


I wish your H-A-P-P-Y!! #2ne1

When you get hooked on a tv show and watch every season

can’t wait to see  wear something fabulous and glamorous like this on Gayo Daejun

I miss the old Disney channel …

Christmas movies….




Woah zendaya of Shake it up #PrayforthePhilippines… Thank you Zendaya in behalf of the Filipino people

Titanic scene…always crying at this part

I'm a fan girl of

1............. the 80s, 90s and 2k etc...
2. ........... Kpop Artist like the YG Family, SM town and C-jes artist
3. ............ TV show/series and Movies from different parts of the world..

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